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How has Dan Helmer addressed healthcare issues in Virginia?

We cannot say definitively that we know which model is ideal. Additionally, there are concerns about costs to individuals as a consequence of policies promoting access to healthcare care. Other states – particularly those that demand insurance to include a wide variety of health services – are concerned that costs may be cheaper. It is the proper way to safeguard access to respect all residents of Virginia.” “In some states, in which insurance is not necessary or perhaps mandates are fairly comfortable, there is concern that the expenses of care is more than they would be under a tighter state mandate.

We do realize that we cannot invest and also devote more, hence the greatest thing is bringing the present price of care down and keep it there. That’s why we must pick a governor who understands the Constitution as well as features a proven track record in public service. If you ask any citizen what is good type of government, most might say democracy. Winston Churchill believed which democracy is “the most severe kind of government except for all those all other types which have been experimented with from some time to time.” This is extremely important in choosing a leader for our state.

Has been to the annual meeting for the National Organization of Veterans’ Organizations (NOVA) annually within the last eight years. How has Dan Helmer been described by members of Congress along with other veterans’ advocates?” Warner said “Dan Helmer has successfully done a good job working with the General Assembly, the American Legion, along with other veterans’ organizations to increase awareness about VA’s shortcomings and also to push for much better services for disabled and other veterans.” Former Democratic Virginia Senator John Watkins, who in 2024 was the longest-serving new member of the Senate, praised Helmer’s work and service to veterans.

In a 2024 email refer to this page for more tips a national veterans’ group, Watkins wrote, Our VA benefits device is in serious need of fix, as well as Commissioner Dan Helmer is working really hard to correct the holes. Has made presentations and spoke at at least 50 events regarding VA issues over the past four years. We’ve been blessed to have Commissioner Helmer serve our veteran community in this situation. Has been seen as a witness for the house Veterans’ Affairs Committee to address issues in VA in testimony before the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee.

Has joined a couple of veterans’ groups within the state in filing briefs with the Supreme Court in veterans’ cases involving VA benefits. Helmer said, “In Virginia, we’ve a strong state-led insurance exchange providing health insurance plans under the Medicaid expansion. As you are able to imagine, we are a really different kind of state than most.