The Discovery Flight

Before you commit to training, getting up in the air in a small plane is a great way to see if it’s really something you want to do. You can find your local airport near you by clicking here. Call them and ask about a Discovery Flight.

Get Your Medical Certificate

Before you purse any licensure, you must past an aviation medical exam. You don’t want anything to slow you down once you begin training. Also if you have any matter that could impact your ability to fly or mitigate your privileges while flying, it’s best to find out sooner rather than later.

You cannot go to your regular medical doctor for an exam. You must go to an Aviation Medical Examiner(AME). To find the one nearest you click here.

Choose Your Flight School

There are so many paths to choosing a flight school. Becoming a pilot is fun but a serious responsibility and you want your training to match. Things to think about are budget, timeline and types of training. You can choose the flight school you had your discovery flight or you can do some more research to find out if another path is better for you.

Get Your Student Pilot Certificate

Kind of like your learners permit to drive, your Student Pilot Certificate gives you the ability to learn to fly. We suggest working with your Flight Instructor

Study. Study. Study.

You will need to take exams. Both on the ground and in the air to perform the skills you’ve learned. Practice makes improvement. Know as a pilot you will always be learning. Embrace it. It’s a part of the journey. You also want to make the absolute most of your training.

Take and Pass the FAA Written Exam

This generally happens mid way into your flight training or at the completion of the Ground School Portion of your training. You will need to receive an endorsement from your instructor before you take the exam. You must pass this exam with 70 or higher.

Check Ride Time

The moment of truth. Your check ride. Your. Check ride is when both your oral and practical skills are evaluated by what’s known as a Designated Pilot Examiner(DPE). By the time you’ve arrived at your checkride you’ve completed your solo, FAA written exam, solo cross countries and have demonstrated your practical skills efficiently.

Private Pilot

Congratulations!!!! You’ve passed your check ride! Now you’re a Private Pilot. Once you’ve received your PPL it’s up to you if you’d like to go further with ratings, add-ons or solely enjoy the rights and privileges of being a Private Pilot.