Meet the 2023 Davis McGill Grant Recipient Sashia Watson



WRW Team: How did your journey in aviation begin?

Sashia: My journey in Aviation began about eight years ago. It all started when I began studying for my ASVAB. I studied the mechanical section the most, In preparation for my test. I ensured I was familiar with tools, pulleys, and gear questions. The fundamental aspect of mechanical operations was a new field for me. So ideally, I felt it was In my best interest to gain greater knowledge about it ahead of time. I never imagined I would pass my ASVAB and get offered one job, and the job offer be an aviation mechanic.

WRW Team: Once you received your ASVAB Scores, what were your next steps in Aviation?

Sashia: The idea of working with my hands was always something I longed to do. To know I would be doing so shortly after boot camp was life-changing. I had the honor of working on C-2s and E-2s in Norfolk, Virginia. I moved on to a much bigger aircraft after, the E6-B Mercury in Oklahoma City. I love that I was able to learn about every aspect of these aircraft, weather it be about my specific job or something outside of my job rating during those times. I, more importantly, admire that there is always something to learn in aviation.

WRW Team: After working on so many amazing aircraft, how are you continuing your education to enhance your maintainer skills?

Sashia: My drive to further my knowledge lead me to the Aviation Institute of Maintenance in Duluth, GA. After stopping by for a quick tour, I knew this was exactly where I needed to be. My current short-term goal at the Aviation institute of maintenance is to complete my General written exam. After doing so, I plan to extend my program and pursue the Avionics Program. I plan to progress forward with my aspirations of completing my Aviation Maintenance Technician program. My long-term life and Aviation journey goals are to work for the Federal Aviation Administration as an Aircraft Inspector. This goal will take quite some time, but I’m excited to experience, explore, and complete as much as possible along the way.

WRW Team: Why is uplifting women in the aviation industry important to you?

Sashia: Being in Aviation has shown me how to work with, learn from and train others from all walks of life. Doing all three has opened my eyes to different perspectives on aviation. More importantly, women in aviation. It’s no secret that aviation is a male-dominated field. However, the very few women that I have met and grown to learn about in this field have made aviation that much more meaningful to me. Even though men and women are two different species, we can accomplish many of the same things. These include; Aviation Maintenance, flying aircraft, all the way down to the engineering aspects of aviation. This is why women’s voices need to be amplified in aviation because we bring a different perspective. We bring an enhanced view to troubleshooting, to designing, to preservation and prevention, and most importantly to safe maintenance practices. Women’s voices in aviation should be amplified because we are the Bessie Coleman, the Amelia Earhart, the Elsie MacGil and the Harriet Quimby of Aviation.

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