Meet Women Rock Wings Grant Recipient-Pilot, Cynthia Morris

WRW : Cynthia, what made you want to become a pilot?

Cynthia : Living and growing up oversees throughout my life has made airplanes and airports remind me of family, transmitting a sensation of warmth and home. My family and I would travel two to three times a year just to see each other. My passion started at an early age because my father was a CFI, A&P and IA and currently works in the aviation industry, making me keep my “eyes on the sky”. Stewards training in my early 20s introduced me to aeronautical aspects which woke up the passion I had deep inside, which is to fly!

WRW : What are your long term goals concerning your field in aviation?

Cynthia : I want to make aviation a career and become an airline captain, flying a Boeing 787 Dreamliner. To obtain my private pilot license, I started my flight school training commuting an hour and a half away from where I live. I will obtain my license by June 9th 2021. Working 40 hours a week has made me efficient at time management; I study and prep my weekend flying lessons by waking up early and reviewing after work.
After obtaining my private pilot license, my plan is to continue with my Instrument, Commercial and CFI license.

Breaking down these goals into steps I plan to do the following :

Instrument & Commercial :
Finance the training with my current full-time job and keep studying hard in my free time. I estimate this will take 1.5 years, flying 1-3 times per week.

At this stage, I plan on committing full time by acquiring a personal loan and hopefully score opportunities in the aviation industry such as entry level part time jobs and scholarships.

Building on previous licenses, I plan on working and learning as a CFI. This will allow me to build my hours towards this license and make me a better pilot.
Currently, my next goal is to pass my PPL. This scholarship will help fund partially my Instrument or my Private Pilot ratings.

WRW : Why is it important for women’s voices to be amplified in aviation?

Cynthia : Women are drastically underrepresented in aviation; this has not improved over time. There are cultural issues preventing the airline industry to respond to the critical pilot shortage.


Furthermore, with a greater women population in the United States, hiring women is an opportunity to tap into the greatest workforce resource currently untouched/neglected. This is evident by the FAA’s Aeronautical Center (December 31st, 2019 data) indicate women represent only six percent of the total pilot population.

Diversity allows new ideas and experiences. Bringing in different ideas and perspectives leads to better problem-solving.

Working in a diverse environment promotes open dialogue and creativity.
Because of all this it is important I as a Hispanic woman share, promote and join groups of likeminded people to spread awareness and hopefully balance the job hiring process of the airlines.

We have no doubt in our minds Cynthia will be a force to be reckoned with in aviation and will amplify the voices of women in aviation no matter where her journey takes her.


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