Playlists: “Women DoIT WELL”

Playlists: “Women DoIT WELL”

There’s absolutely nothing like Music. It affects the mood like nothing else. It has the power to lift you and even express the deepest depths of your feelings. It’s a connector. A conduit. Whether working out —-driving for a long trip, the perfect Play List makes that much better. So of course if you’re flying, the elevation you’d experience from an amazing playlist is nothing short of wonderful.

For our first playlist titled “Women DoIT Well’ we found it only right that we begin with some fun yet powerful songs from powerful women. We collaborated with Pilot, Model and Influencer, Jalyn aka Miss PILOT to bring you a diverse group of talented women who’ve shattered many ceilings in their own lives to hopefully encourage you while you’re on the journey of doing the same in your own life.

So get your autopilot ready and enjoy!!!! Let us know what you think.

WRW Team


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