25K to Flight

The goal of the 25k to Flight Run/Walk is to bring together community in support of lessening the gap of women in Aviation/Aerospace and STEM. You can help us create access to education and career opportunities for women/women of color in these professional arenas with your participation. #25K2Flight.

Join us for the 25K2Flight. The 25k to Flight Run/Walk will begin 17 November and culminate on 17 December -celebrating the anniversary of the Wright Brothers very first flight in 1903.

This is a virtual run and participants will have one month to complete the 25k (15.5 miles). Not only will you be participating to support the future of women in aviation and STEM – it will also be a great opportunity to exercise and promote healthy habits.

All registration proceeds will directly fund grants to assist applicants pursuing their aviation goals.

Let’s Takeoff Together.

Disclaimer: Before starting with any physical activity please speak with your physician to ensure you’re in the best of health. When running please choose safe areas.

Registration + T-Shirt

Registration + Sweat Shirt

Downloadable bib

Download your Running Bib here and Fillup with you Number.You will receive a mail with the number after registration.


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