Get ready to spread your wings and Make a difference!

Join in for the countdown to registration for the “25k to Flight” virtual walk/run, hosted by the philanthropic arm of the Women Rock Wings community, The Women Rock Wings Foundation. This extraordinary event is not just about putting one foot in front of the other; it’s about taking giant strides towards empowering women in aviation and aerospace careers.

Mark your calendars for October 17, 2023, as registration begins, and lace up your sneakers for the official start on November 17, 2023.

Over the course of 30 days, you’ll have the opportunity to complete 25 kilometers (15.5 miles) while celebrating community, promoting a healthy lifestyle, raising funds and ending the event by commemorating the 120th anniversary of the Wright Brothers’ historic first flight on December 17, 2023.

Together, let’s soar to new heights and create opportunities for women in the aviation and aerospace industries. Stay tuned for registration details – it’s time to make your strides count!


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