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“The Adventures of Aero Squad” emerges as a labor of love from the mind of Taylor Fox, a former F-22 fighter pilot. Taylor’s profound affection for both writing and aviation propelled him to craft a heartwarming book series featuring a distinctive squadron of young jet characters. The young ones are sure to love it!!!!

Latinas in Aviation Vol 3

Following the triumphant reception of its first two editions, “Latinas in Aviation” continues to chronicle the journeys of remarkable women who have carved their paths in the ever-growing realm of female and Latina representation in aviation. In this eagerly awaited third installment, the book delves into the experiences of Latinas hailing from diverse corners of Latin America. From pilots and aviation students to aeronautical engineers and military and civilian administrators, they generously share their narratives, offering inspiration and encouragement to the upcoming generation of aviation enthusiasts, igniting their aspirations to soar just as high as their predecessors. It’s most certainly one to be added to your book collection! Jacqueline S. Ruiz has done it again. We absolutely love it.


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