When Women Fly

What if the Future of Flight is Female? Meagan Davis – Creator of Women Rock Wings


In today’s episode, Sylvia is joined by Meagan Davis, Air Force Chaplain, entrepreneur, aviatrix, mentor and creator of Women Rock Wings.  Meagan shares her story from early influences growing in Brooklyn to being called to chaplaincy and learning to fly. They discuss the power of faith, her belief that women were born to soar, and the transformative influence of community.   During the month of March, Women’s History Month, we lean into the power of community by affirming each other’s knowledge and credibility, perhaps what we collectively need most. Meagan is changing the narrative of all women by elevating the voices and using her platform to highlight an adage, “The Future of Flight is Female”, an assertion to continue progressing together in all fields. Topics Include:

  • Growing up in Brooklyn and maternal role models
  • The influences of being from a matriarchal family
  • Finding a path to the Air Force at age 20
  • Grit and perseverance–knowing you are more than enough
  • Transitioning from aircraft electrician to chaplain
  • Misconceptions about the military
  • Positive mindset, happiness and joy in the face of adversity
  • The power vulnerability has to foster connection
  • Creating Women Rock Wings
  • Being kind to yourself
  • And much more …

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