Women Rock Wings is a global mindset. It is a concept and, the ideal pinnacle we aspire to achieve for every woman in aviation. It is a bold statement which says, this is who we are. No matter where you are, where you come from or where you’re going – women rock wings because we were born to soar!

Meet Our Founder

Meagan S. Davis

Meagan S. Davis is the founder of Women Rock Wings. Her footprint in aviation began as an Aircraft Electrical Environmental Systems Specialist in the United States Air Force. From the enlisted ranks of E3-E5, I had the privilege of maintaining the KC-10 extender. After almost 10 years of working the flightline, she transitioned to a completely different path in her Air Force career. With a BA in psychology and Masters of Divinity under her belt – she commissioned as an Air Force Chaplain. Now a Student Pilot pursuing her PPL, Meagan aims to support, encourage, promote and connect women with resources within the aviation industry. Building safe spaces is immensely important. Community is important. Meagan endeavors to ensure women feel and know they’re heard, safe and seen. Women Rock Wings was birthed out of the desire to build community with women who through anything dare to say I can, I will, I did! And not only that —– I brought others with me.

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