Women Who Rock in Aviation

Women’s History Month is the time set aside to boldly recognize women! We love it because it’s what we do all day everyday. Since we’ve entered into the aviation community as a platform in 2020 numbers of women in aviation have risen! We’d like to think women continuing to lift one another in the aviation community has a lot to do with it.

In order to celebrate, uplift, amplify and connect more women in aviation we are highlighting women throughout this community in this blog feature to finish Women’s History Month with a bang!!!! We know the next list will be filled with even more aviatrices.

We hope you enjoy our list of Women Who Rock In Aviation!!!!


Jalyn Clark

IG: @jvlyynn
Philadelphia, PA

Definitely a young woman to watch, Jalyn, also known as Miss Pilot, is currently pursuing her Bachelors in Aviation – Professional Pilot at Delaware State University. She is an Instrument Rated Private Pilot who is almost done with her Commercial Rating. Miss Pilot uses her platform of being a female pilot to engage in the empowerment of women of color, inspiring through words of wisdom to uplift the world to be a better place. As pilots, we fly high and flying high means to always reach for the stars. She embraces and inspires communities of women to reach for the stars and their dreams.

Favorite Quote: “There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise.” ~Bosa Sebele

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